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How It Works: Digital Marketing White Label & Reselling

Webinnovators offers white label and reseller partner programmes for digital marketing  and Web development services . Webinnovators identity is hidden from the client as a white label marketing partner. All work and reporting is done under your company name, and you are the one who bills the client. Webinnovators will deal directly with clients and manage bills as a digital marketing reseller. For the duration of our partnership with the client, we will give you a monthly referral commission payment.

How it works

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Getting started

You must pick whether you want to collaborate with Webinnovators as a white label marketing partner or a digital marketing reseller. It is OK to switch at some point in the future. We’ll set you up so that we may create campaign reports, marketing proposals, and other documents in your name. Our team would then assist you in attracting customers. Simply inquire if you require an SEO evaluation. Do you need us to step in and assist you in closing a key sale? Simply inquire. Do you have a difficult question that you can’t answer? Again, simply inquire… We give complete assistance, and you will never be on your own.

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Onboarding & Sales

Once you’ve secured your first client, we’ll assign you a dedicated account manager who will serve as your primary point of contact. Your account manager will provide you with an on-boarding document (branded with your company’s name) to give to your new client. This will assist us in gathering the information we require to successfully launch your client’s campaign. The onboarding process is intended to be as simple as possible in order to get your client up and running as quickly and as painlessly as possible. SharpNet will next set to work on completing the tasks at hand. If your client has any questions that you are unable to address, please forward them to us and we will respond as soon as possible. This does not have to be an email; instead, phone your ad agency.

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